Particle Size Distribution

Accurately defining the size distribution of particles in a given sample is essential for characterization during pharmaceutical and biotechnology process development, formulation and production.  Standard nanoparticle sizing methods such as dynamic light scattering (DLS) can be plagued by biases introduced by contaminants.

NanoImaging Services has developed advanced electron microscopy and image analysis software for semi-automated particle sizing and contouring that provides precise, statistically determined, and accurate sample size distribution measurement for nanometer to sub-micron particles in heterogeneous and homogeneous sample solutions.

These analyses help answer questions like:

  • Size Distribution of the Sample
    Is particle size distribution consistent across different batches or lots?
  • Biosimilarity
    Is size distribution similar to a given RLD/innovator sample?
  • Direct Measurement
    Is the actual size comparable to size obtained by indirect measurements?