Leading the Revolution: CryoEM-Enabled Drug Discovery

We are the premier industry provider of services, microscope access and training in electron microscopy for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  In recent years, technical advancements in the cryoEM workflow have enabled high resolution structure determination of macromolecules at resolutions previously restricted to X-ray crystallography, NMR and complementary methods. This has opened up whole families of new and important targets previously thought intractable for Structure-Guided Drug Design. 

Our mission is to bring the power of CryoEM to every developer of new therapeutics through a differentiated service offering, making the method accessible and affordable for Discovery teams at all stages of method adoption. Our laboratories are powered by five of the industry's most advanced microscopes, and the industry's most experienced team of microscopists, analysts, and support staff. All of our work is performed with the quality controls and service levels expected of a top tier contract research organization.  

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We are building on over a decade of experience to establish the largest industrial cryoEM facility in the world. With flexible workflows designed to support the needs of Pharma and Biotech clients, our infrastructure and expertise provide affordable, reliable and rapid solutions to support discovery and development. 

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2,000 +

Projects Completed

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Single Particle Projects

60 +

Structures better than 3.5Å

30 +

MicroED Samples Collected

Structural Biology
& Chemistry

Comprehensive cryoEM & microED services for high resolution 3D structure determination.

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Biologics & Drug

TEM analysis for antibody development, gene & drug delivery, vaccine & virus characterization.

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Learn about our unique service portfolio, including project-specific proposals, training programs & instrument access.

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