Morphological Analysis

Direct determination of particle morphology is a critical aspect of particle characterization.   We evaluate size range, shape and overall appearance of particles in a sample. Finer structural details such presence or absence of membrane bilayers, extent of surface modifications, appearance of particle interiors etc. are also determined. These factors are known to influence biological activity, biodistribution and toxicity. Knowledge of morphological characteristics is essential for accurate pharmaceutical and biotechnology formulation discovery and development.

NanoImaging Services performs full characterization of nanoscale particles using advanced molecular electron microscopy methods. Our automated methods provide reliable high throughput image acquisition.

These analyses help answer questions like:

  • Size
    What is the size range of particles in the sample?
  • Shape Characterization
    Are particles pleomorphic or is their shape well defined? Are they spherical, elongated, elliptical, amorphous?
  • Lamellarity
    Is the particle single or multi-layered?
  • Particle Sub-structure
    Is the particle empty or does it contain cargo? Is the surface smooth or spiked?