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Single particle analysis workflows.

Single particle analysis (SPA) is a group of related computerized image processing techniques used to analyze images from transmission electron microscopy (TEM). These methods were developed to improve and extend the information obtainable from transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images of samples and allow for high resolution structure determination of proteins, protein complexes and viruses.

Cryo-EM single particle analysis: 300+ projects solved.

NIS is experienced in all stages of single particle analysis projects and workflows, from grid preparation and optimization, to high resolution data collection, through processing and refinement of the 3D map. We were the first, and continue to be the only, structural biology CRO with dedicated in-house Titan Krios microscopes, maintaining and expanding state-of-the-art facilities in both San Diego and the Greater Boston area.

We’ve collected data to support over 300 projects, solving over 200 structures, half of which were membrane proteins. Of the structures solved over 76% were determined at resolutions of 3.5 Å or better.

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