Gene-to-Structure Protein Consultancy

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Maximize Cryo-EM Success with Expert Protein Consultancy

Achieve high-resolution protein structures through cryo-EM with our specialized Gene-to-Structure consulting.

Obtaining a high resolution structure is complicated by the use of protein reagents that suffer from aggregation or incompatible buffers, ligands without direct binding Kd’s, or proteins with large inter- or intra- domain flexibility.

Our protein consultancy team can help you navigate these obstacles by utilizing decades of experience in protein expression and purification.

We will help you identify a CRO proficient in your target class, streamline communication channels, expedite project timelines, and reach crucial milestones.

Partner with NIS to enhance your gene-to-structure workflow and maximize your success in obtaining high-resolution protein structures with cryo-EM.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Gene-to-Structure Workflow with Expert Guidance.

NIS partners with a team who bring a wealth of experience as a structural biologist and protein biochemist/biophysicist. With a proven track record in building and managing gene-to-structure pipelines, we excel in tackling challenging targets within both industry and academia. Driven by a passion for collaboration, we have successfully worked with external partners and Contract Research Organizations (CROs), delivering exceptional results.

We offer cutting-edge solutions for your project by staying at the forefront of advancements in cryo-EM, and specialize in determining liganded complexes. By leveraging our extensive experience with soluble and integral membrane proteins, we provide critical guidance to optimize your protein yield and quality.

Personalized Support for Successful Protein Design and Production.

We understand the importance of personalized solutions tailored to your specific protein target and project goals. Our collaboration begins with a meeting with our protein consultancy team, where we will review your protein target and discuss your project and goals. You will receive a detailed, personalized report that encompasses strategies for success, a literature review, construct designs, milestones for each stage of work, and recommendations for partnering with a Contract Research Organization (CRO).

Your personalized proposal consists of multiple components. A literature review provides insights from the latest papers and publications, guiding the design of structurally appropriate reagents based on peer-reviewed experience. The report addresses potential roadblocks and offers solutions, including approaches to enhance the mass of proteins too small for cryo-EM structure determination. We combine personal expertise and experience with the literature review to develop tailored strategies for construct design, including cell line and purification tag recommendations. Risk mitigation is ensured through in silico designs validated in AlphaFold.

We assist in selecting a CRO and facilitate introductions between teams, ensuring a productive collaboration. We engage with the scientific teams at the CRO to discuss the proposal and ensure reasonable time and cost estimates for your project.

For ongoing projects, we offer ongoing consultancy & project management, overseeing assay development, attending meetings with your selected CRO, troubleshooting technical issues, and facilitating reagent transfers between CROs. Our protein consultancy team works closely with your NIS project manager to ensure a seamless cryo-EM structure determination experience.

From project kickoff to the delivery of protein to NIS, our protein consulting process typically takes 3-4 months for straightforward projects, ensuring efficiency and timely results.

Partner with NanoImaging Services to harness the full potential of your gene-to-structure workflow.

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What are your qualifications to offer expert protein consultancy?

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What is the timeline for your gene-to-structure workflow?

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