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NIS has been a leader in the characterization of viruses and virus-like particles since our inception. We have completed over 2000 cryoEM projects, many of which have supported vaccine development and viral vector gene delivery programs. Our extensive TEM experience, quick turnaround and reliable workflows make NIS the company of choice for future projects. 

Vaccine Morphology

From size, shape, and interaction with adjuvants to secondary structure and conformation – vaccine morphology can heavily modulate immunogenicity, efficacy, and toxicity. Viruses and viruses components structural knowledge is heavily used in the rational design of novel antivirals and vaccines. Commonly available analytical techniques may require lengthy analysis times and generate averaged information that do not necessarily correlate with observed outcomes. 

CryoEM - a faster, sample specific method for vaccine & virus characterization

A faster, sample specific, informative, and sensitive analysis can be easily carried out using the cryoTEM facilities at NIS, which can provide for individual particles size, shape, and surface details. Statistical analysis can be used to compare batch specific properties and define correlations between, for example, manufacturing route and particle properties. For certain samples, high resolution structure determination may also be possible. For such projects, images are collected on the Titan Krios for downstream single particle analysis. Atomic details on the composition and morphology of the particles can be used to better understand, for example, aggregation processes and interactions with adjuvants or neutralizing antibodies.


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