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NIS Protein Structure

To rapidly develop safe and effective vaccines at scale, imaging techniques that provide the most comprehensive and confidence-inducing structural information across the vaccine discovery & development pipeline are essential. Cryo-EM is a powerful technique for the determination of 3D structures to optimize design, as well as for providing routine characterization during the vaccine development, formulation, and manufacturing process, because cryo-EM is parsimonious in its material requirements, captures specimens in their native hydrated state, and is forgiving of heterogeneous mixtures of samples, eg when adjuvants are present.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the extraordinary role Cryo-TEM has played in the structural characterization of the coronavirus spike protein and is rapidly becoming the technique of choice for characterizing mRNA vaccines due to the breadth of actionable information it provides. As a direct visualization method, Cryo-TEM presents individual particles in a sample providing information on a range of characteristics, including homogeneity, size distribution, titer, morphology, structural integrity, purity and aggregation state.

NIS helps gain a more thorough understanding of the structural characteristics of your vaccines earlier during development.

NanoImaging Services’ deployment of cryo-EM makes this possible. Partnering with us has enabled leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to optimize processes such as batch to batch comparisons, product stability during storage packaging and shipping, as well as manufacturing process optimization.

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