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We are here to support you. At NIS, we offer flexibility, capacity, affordability, and speed to get you through your projects on time and on budget:

  • Flexibility - We recognize that every project is different and needs to be tailored to specific goals. We will work with you to design a project plan with fixed costs, milestones, extensions or whatever else you need to finish successfully.
  • Capacity - Our business model is built around microscope acquisition, which means we will never run out of capacity. We are continuously monitoring the growth of the company and where we need to add resources, infrastructure, or new locations to support our clients. 
  • Affordability - We will work with you to deliver your project within a defined budget and structured payments to minimize risk and reward success.
  • SpeedYour projects should run at your pace and when answers are needed, they are needed quickly. Through our ongoing investments and growth, we are well positioned to align our resources to meet critical timelines for all clients and projects. For complex workflows, we work in close collaboration with our Client's, and when needed our Client's other CROs, to maximize success outcomes at each step and minimize the overall time to project completion.

Our Service Offerings

Project-Specific Proposals
Data Acquisition Only
Standby & Drop-Off Services

No project is too small

Any of our services and instruments can be booked in single unit increments. From negative stain and cryoEM characterization of nanoparticles to Glacios and Titan Krios bookings, your project can be accommodated. All work is performed in close consultation with our scientific team with results available through our convenient online web-based client portal. For data acquisition supporting single particle analysis workflows, remote, real-time web-based viewing of data acquisition is always available. 

Volume based discounts, custom proposals and expedited services are available. 

Project-Specific Proposals


The fastest route to successful structures: a sample-to-reconstruction service for  protein structure determination of targets with established methodology for medicinal chemistry support of mature drug targets. Rapidly explore ligand-bound structures with predictable budgets and timelines.

Target Enablement Programs

TEPs are available for targets without existing cryoEM protocols. Clients engage with our team of senior scientists to develop a project-specific research plan designed to give the best chance of success in the early phases of target enablement. TEPs account for the typical iterations in construct design, target formulation, and optimization needed to determine suitability for high resolution single particle analysis. TEP programs can be combined with complementary services provided by upstream CROs of the client's choosing in a collaborative manner. 

MicroED Sample-to-Structure Programs

Our small molecule microED services have been designed in a modular way to ensure maximum flexibility for clients to leverage internal expertise in conjunction with NIS’ capabilities. Phase I efforts will include sample preparation, data acquisition for multiple crystals, data processing, initial phasing, and preliminary refinement. Additional refinement packages are available as Phase II add-ons for clients needing additional support to finalize structures for publication or regulatory filings.

Custom Proposals

Any of our services can be combined to create custom proposals to meet the specific needs, timelines and budgets of a given research program.


Training and cryoEM adoption support for industrial researchers

The Partnership program combines the key attributes of target enablement with firsthand bench experience for industrial researchers. Designed to provide on-site training for sample preparation through to data acquisition, partners have access to NIS facilities and scientific staff on scheduled days, gaining relevant experience while remaining focused on high priority research. Your projects remain your own with no sharing of intellectual property in this or any other access mode. 

Unable to visit our facility on your scheduled day? FTE time may be used for included services in the absence of client presence, to provide utmost flexibility in use of time and services.

Partnership days can be combined with any of our other services and instrument access modes to tailor your relationship with NIS in a manner that balances time-to-structure with training commitments.

Data Acquisition Only

Participating Research Teams

Regularly scheduled time for grid screening and data acquisition on the Glacios and/or Titan Krios. This access mode is designed for clients with in-house capabilities for sample preparation and data processing requiring regular access to instruments and microscope operators to support maturing programs. This access mode is also popular as a supplement for groups with in-house infrastructure seeking long-term additional capacity or short-term cover.

MicroED Data Acquisition

Intended for groups with in-house expertise in handling small molecule diffraction data, Glacios microscopes located both in San Diego and the Greater Boston Area can be reserved for data collection and preprocessing only. Diffraction images along with necessary instrument settings are returned to the end user for in-house data reduction, phasing, and structure determination. This approach provides clients with ability to meld internal knowhow with access to optimal microED resource, increasing throughput and decreasing costs relative to project-specific proposals.

Standby & Drop-Off Services

Your research needs can be unpredictable, so we've designed a new suite of services to ensure that you always have a mechanism to access our instruments and scientific expertise to keep your projects moving. Leave your cryoEM grids with us and we'll slot them into the queue for analysis. 

CryoEM Grid Screening Service

A quick turnaround cryoEM grid screening service. Ship or drop-off grids at one of our locations and our expert microscopists will provide images and recommendations regarding suitability for data acquisition on the Glacios or Titan Krios microscopes. All images become available immediately online with secure customer logins to expedite decision making. Session summary reports with NIS assessments and per-grid annotations are released via our Client Portal following review.

Negative Stain Screening Service

A quick turnaround negative stain screening service to assess protein quality. Ship or drop-off protein samples at one of our locations and our expert microscopists will prepare grids and collect several images. Suitable grids will be retained for further data acquisition to perform 2D particle alignment and classification. All images will become available immediately on completion of the study via our secure online Client Portal. Session summary reports with NIS assessments are also released via the portal following review. 

Standby Grid Screening with Overnight Data Acquisition.

A 24-hour slot on one of our TFS Glacios microscopes that provides detailed examination of up to 12 cryoEM grids followed by overnight data acquisition. Instrument access includes full FTE support from our experience microscopy team to ensure the most promising samples are prioritized for subsequent data acquisition on the Titan Krios. 

Standby High-Resolution Data Acquisition

Intended for pre-screened and prioritized grids, 24-hour data acquisition sessions can be accessed when grids are stored at NIS or can be delivered to the San Diego location 24 hours prior to the start of microscope operation. Remote, real-time viewing is available to all clients to allow clients to provide input on data acquisition strategy and ongoing monitoring throughout the day. Instrument access includes full FTE support from our experienced microscopy team to ensure imaging of the highest quality to support the most challenging of targets for single particle analysis studies.

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