Working With Us

At NIS, we understand what it takes to establish a successful cryoEM workflow. We have an extensive history of experience helping researchers with their structure projects and a track record of success achieving high resolution results. 

Our cryoEM services are designed to support a full range of project types from conception to interpretation and from adoption to long term access to instrumentation and FTE resources. Over the years we have developed expertise and workflows that are far ahead of our competitors, so we can offer you the very best chance for success in solving the structure of your therapeutic target.

How can we help you?

We’ve created a comprehensive network of resources and a range of services to meet our customers’ specific needs: 
Customized Services

Fast, Flexible, Customized Services

In addition to project-based proposals, NIS offers custom service packages allowing you to get the most out of your specific program.

Training and Instrument access

Training & Instrument Access 

Our service offering combines a CRO approach with training and instrument access typically only accessible via academic and national laboratories. 

data acquisition only

Data Acquisition-Only Packages

As well as onsite training in sample preparation and data acquisition, we also offer data acquisition-only programs for users.

Useful Resources

Every project starts with a free consultation with one of our experts to discuss the goals, project milestones and the best approach to construct design. Whether you are sample restricted, time sensitive or budget constrained, we can help you achieve your goals through intelligent project design, implementation, and execution.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your program.

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Our Packages

Our partnerships usually begin with a starter program, which allows us to help our customers establish their workflow and benefit from our on-site or remote training programs. From there, we can form a long-term partnership in whichever format suits you. 

starter programs

Starter Programs

Find the fastest route to sample qualification and protein structure determination – get started quickly with our single target package, SPA   introduction program and Glacios partnership program.

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microscope bookings

Microscope Bookings

Access the world’s most cutting-edge facilities and enjoy remote, real-time microscope viewing, cloud-based data streaming and NIST-compliant IT processing for data security and confidentiality.

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Benefit from our world-class    infrastructure and equipment, remote training and support via our expert team and tailored program to ensure you        have access to the tools and expertise     you need.

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Our microED services are designed to         be modular to allow you to balance          our expertise and support with your       own. We can support you with           sample-to-structure projects and data acquisition.

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No project is too small: Any of our services and instruments can be booked in single unit increments. From negative stain and cryoEM characterization of nanoparticles to Glacios and Titan Krios bookings, your project can be accommodated. 

Our Commitment

We are here to support you. At NIS, we offer flexibility, capacity, affordability, and speed to get you through your projects on time and on budget:

  • Flexibility - We recognize that every project is different and needs to be tailored to specific goals. We will work with you to design a project plan with fixed costs, milestones, extensions or whatever else you need to finish successfully.
  • Capacity - Our business model is built around microscope acquisition, which means we will never run out of capacity. We are continuously monitoring the growth of the company and where we need to add resources, infrastructure, or new locations to support our clients. 
  • Affordability - We will work with you to deliver your project within a defined budget and structured payments to minimize risk and reward success.
  • Speed - Your projects should run at your pace and when answers are needed, they are needed quickly. Through our ongoing investments and growth, we are well positioned to align our resources to meet critical timelines for all clients and projects. For complex workflows, we work in close collaboration with our Client's, and when needed our Client's other CROs, to maximize success outcomes at each step and minimize the overall time to project completion.

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Contact us today to see how we can help you with your program. 

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