Thermo Fisher Scientific Titan Krios Cryo-TEM

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Benefit from access to 2 state-of-the-art Titan Krios microscopes without the associated cost & infrastructure headaches.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Titan Krios Cryo-TEM

We have multiple Titan Krios G series transmission electron microscopes from Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly FEI). These microscopes are designed to generate high resolution data quickly. 


  • Source: High-brightness field emission gun (FEG)
  • Accelerating voltage: up to –300 kV
  • Cryo-Autoloader: Automated loading of cassettes, containing up to 12 Autogrids
  • Software: 

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Temperature management software – Including liquid nitrogen autofill and cool down scheduling</li></ul>

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Low-dose software suite minimizes electron dose during cryo-TEM operation</li></ul>

<ul role="list" class="list-dash-2"><li>Used for Sample Assessment, Optimization, and Automated Data Acquisition</li></ul>

  • Lenses: 

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Automatic condenser, objective and SA apertures</li></ul>

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Three-condenser-lens system for automated, continuous, and parallel sample illumination</li></ul>

  • Stage:

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>CompuStage with Single-Axis Holder</li></ul>

  • Cameras:

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Thermo Scientific Ceta 16M Camera</li></ul>

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Gatan K3 Direct Detection Camera</li></ul>

  • Additional Features:

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Gatan Bio Quantum Energy Filter</li></ul>

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Volta Phase Plate (not all Krioses)</li></ul>


  • Maximum specimen tilt: 70°
  • Drift rate: <1 nm / min
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