Thermo Fisher Scientific Glacios Cryo-TEM

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With 4 Glacios microscopes, NIS has expertise in sample prep, vitrification, microscopy, data processing & workflows for projects of all stages & complexity.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Glacios Cryo-TEM

We have multiple Glacios cryo-TEM instruments at both our East and West Coast facilities. This 200kV microscope is ideal for sample vitrification optimization, screening grids to assess readiness for Titan Krios data collection, as well as for characterizing nanoparticle therapeutics and vaccines.


  • Source: High-brightness field emission gun (FEG)
  • Accelerating voltage: up to 200 kV
  • Cryo-Autoloader: Automated loading of cassettes, containing up to 12 Autogrids
  • Software: 

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Temperature management software – Including liquid nitrogen autofill and cool down scheduling</li></ul>

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Low-dose software suite minimizes electron dose during cryo-TEM operation</li></ul>

<ul role="list" class="list-dash-2"><li>Used for Sample Assessment, Optimization, and Automated Data Acquisition</li></ul>

  • Lenses: 

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Automatic condenser, objective and SA apertures</li></ul>

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Symmetric constant power objective lens (minimize image aberrations and lens hysteresis during mode switching)</li></ul>

  • Stages:

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>CompuStage with Single-Axis Holder</li></ul>

  • Cameras:

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Thermo Scientific Ceta D Camera, optimized for MicroED data collection</li></ul>

<ul role="list" class="list-dash"><li>Falcon 4 Direct Electron Detector OR Falcon 3EC Direct Electron Detector</li></ul>


  • Maximum specimen tilt: 70°
  • Drift rate: <1 nm / min
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