October 11, 2023

Cryo-EM for Epitope Mapping

NIS Mountain Hero

Join NIS CSO Dr. Giovanna Scapin to learn why why epitope and paratope characterization is important, why 3D characterization matters, and how cryo-EM can help.

Identification and characterization of epitopes are crucial to understanding immune responses, designing vaccines, and developing targeted therapies.

Join NIS CSO Dr. Giovanna Scapin to learn why cryo-EM is emerging as the gold standard for epitope mapping and address the following questions:

  • Why is epitope & paratope characterization important for specificity and cross-reactivity, rational drug design, and patent protection? 
  • Why characterize epitopes & paratopes in 3D? 
  • Why is identification of atomic details around interaction between antigen and FAB useful?How can choosing cryo-EM accelerate the process of characterizing epitopes & paratopes?

Learn more about our epitope mapping services here.

NIS Mountain Hero