Refeyn MP System

A new era in the analysis of biomolecules

The Refeyn One MP brings mass photometry into daily laboratory life.​ This unique instrument allows you to characterize your molecule of interest with unprecedented sensitivity, speed and simplicity. 

The Refeyn One MP will be available at our Woburn location starting in March, 2021, and will be available in all CryoEM Starter Programs during the workflow development period. 

Refeyn One MP
  •  A compact, bench-top instrument with minimum installation requirements.
  • Software automatically controls the acquisition process and performs mass analysis in minutes.
  • Measurements only require a few microliters of sample.
  • Intuitively interpret the mass distribution results without the need for any a priori knowledge.
Initially, we will use the new Refeyn MP system to understand the following sample behaviors:

1.   Prescreening of samples to assess the degree of heterogeneity and flag samples that may not be suitable for downstream negative stain or cryoEM efforts.

2.   Prescreening protein complex stability to assess tolerance for for negative stain sample preparation protocols which rely on significant dilution

3.  Optimization of complex component ratios to ensure the present of intact protein-protein complexes for subsequent analysis

3.   Assessment of freeze-thaw aggregation issues that would indicate a need to ship fresh sample or include additional purification steps on receipt of sample

4.   Validate whether everything is "there" when 2D classification or initial 3D maps are ambiguous. This is especially helpful for complex, multi-component systems or for systems where addition of additives, compounds, DMSO, etc, may be impacting sample behavior. 

Mass photometry has many interesting applications in a broad range of workflows, however, so we encourage you to visit to learn more.

Refeyn One MP demo video by Refeyn