Scheduling time on the Krios

NIS currently houses 2 ThermoFisher Titan Krios TEM microscopes, equipped with a Gatan K3 detectors, Gatan Quantum energy filters, and a Volta Phase plate on Krios1. These are both available for general user access and churn out thousands of images daily. 

Since 2017, we have provided data for more than 200 cryoEM datasets for protein structure determination, including more than 60 structures determined in-house at NIS with resolutions between 1.8Å and 4Å. With effectively unlimited internal capacity as we continue to add more microscopes, NIS provides regular, scheduled access along with rapid-standby access for many Biotech and Pharma companies.

Data Acquistion 

The world's best TEM microscopes deserve the world's best data acquisition tools; and that is exactly what we offer. Our pipeline includes secure web-viewing tools that provide remote, real-time viewing of image collection. Data streaming at-home processing via cloud-based services is also available as standard.

A high-resolution data collection requires optimal instrument conditions and highly experienced operators. To ensure consistency and stability during the data collection period, our microscope is carefully maintained resulting in less than 10% annual downtime.  Our automated data collection software (Leginon) allows us to run the microscope 24/7.

Pre-processing steps run in parallel with data acquisition so that both raw images and fully pre-processed micrographs are available for the client on completion of the run.  These can be transferred to the client for further processing or the 3D reconstruction completed by NIS.

data collection image

An advanced data collection pipeline that provides the option for full automation while permitting easy user intervention and adjustment to ensure the most efficient and effective data collection strategies for cryoEM and microED.

cryoSPARC image
Single Particle Data Processing 

A complete pipeline for single particle analysis provides real-time feedback and rapid structure determination. Both CryoSPARC and Relion are available, along with internal NIS procedures developed from our breadth of SPA experience.

remote viewer image
Remote Image Viewer

Secure web-viewing tools provide real time viewing of image collection. Real-time frame alignments and CTF measurements provide continuous feedback on data quality so that NIS and clients can remotely collaborate on ideal data collection strategy.

computational infrastructure image
Computational Infrastructure

We offer state of the art computing resources, all located within our own secure facilities, consisting of over 200 processing cores, 25 GPUs, and 3600 TB of storage space. All data are secured behind several redundant hardware firewalls and we follow NIST security guidelines for user access points.