Tecnai 12 Transmission Electron Microscope

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Explore instruments in NanoImaging Services East & West Coast labs, which includes a Tecnai T12 for negative stain and cryo-TEM nanoparticle characterization.

Tecnai 12 Transmission Electron Microscope

The Tecnai 12 TEM is our 120kV workhorse nanoparticle characterization microscope supporting biologics and drug development. It is suitable for both negative stain and cryo-EM studies.


  • The Tecnai T12 microscope combines all imaging, diffraction, and analytical techniques at good spatial resolution and detection efficiency.
  • Application-specific modes include: Bright-field imaging; TEM microprobe and large specimen tilts.
  • LaB6 source.
  • Accelerating voltage range up to 120 kV.
  • Magnifications up to 110,000x.
  • Specimen Tilt Range: -50° to +50°
  • Drift rate: <1 nm / min.

Specimen holders: Single tilt, cryo and room temperature.


  • Maximum specimen tilt: 50°
  • Drift rate: <1 nm / min
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