Tecnai 12 Transmission Electron Microscope

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Explore the instruments in NanoImaging Services East & West Coast labs, which includes the Tecnai T12 for negative stain and cryo-TEM nanoparticle characterization.

The Tecnai 12 TEM is our 120kV workhorse characterization microscope supporting biologics and drug development. It is suitable for both negative stain and cryo-EM studies.


  • The Tecnai T12 microscope combines all imaging, diffraction, and analytical techniques at good spatial resolution and detection efficiency.
  • Application-specific modes include: Bright-field imaging; TEM microprobe and large specimen tilts.
  • LaB6 source.
  • Accelerating voltage range up to 120 kV.
  • Magnifications up to 110,000x.
  • Specimen Tilt Range: -50° to +50°
  • Drift rate: <1 nm / min.

Specimen holders: Single tilt, cryo and room temperature.


  • Maximum specimen tilt: 50°
  • Drift rate: <1 nm / min
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