NanoImaging Services and Cube Biotech Collaborate to Enhance Cryo-EM Enabled Gene to Structure Workflow

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June 4, 2024

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NanoImaging Services ("NIS"), the leading provider of cryo-electron microscopy ("cryo-EM") services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology communities, and Cube Biotech, a pioneer in membrane protein production and purification technologies, have announced a partnership agreement to develop a streamlined, cryo-EM enabled gene-to-structure workflow, to ultimately accelerate medicinal chemistry analysis and revolutionize the field of membrane protein research.

This strategic partnership will bring together NanoImaging Services' industry-leading expertise and innovation in high-resolution structural enablement by cryo-EM and Cube Biotech's innovative polymer technologies and world-leading protein production platform to enable the management of projects from construct design through to final maps and subsequent protein supply and analyses for medicinal chemistry cycles. This seamlessly integrated workflow will facilitate target and structure validation more efficiently and cost-effectively for companies with challenging targets, streamlining drug discovery pipelines and ultimately reducing the time to clinic.

Giovanna Scapin, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at NanoImaging Services said, "One of the strongest predictors of success in structural enablement of drug discovery targets is the purity, homogeneity, and in-depth biochemical and biophysical characterization of the reagents involved. This agreement brings together our industry-leading expertise and innovation in high-resolution structural enablement by cryo-EM with a worldwide leader in protein production and characterization. Together, we aim to successfully target the most complex and challenging projects in drug discovery for our shared clients in a time-effective manner."

Jan Kubicek, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Cube Biotech said, "Cube Biotech's advanced polymer technology solubilizes membrane proteins in their native state, avoiding the use of traditional detergents that can wash away lipids and potentially lead to misfolding and incorrect structures. This innovative method ensures that membrane proteins retain their natural configuration, providing a more accurate representation of their behavior in biological systems."

John Rigg, Chief Executive Officer at NanoImaging Services, said ''By combining forces and aligning these already successful companies and proven workflows, target enablement and medicinal chemistry timelines can be shortened significantly. This, along with the increased success rates, can reduce the overall investment costs and create a more efficient workflow."

Barbara Maertens, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer of Cube Biotech, added, "This collaboration combines our proprietary polymer technologies with NanoImaging Services' cryo-EM expertise, creating a powerful synergy that will enhance the accuracy and efficiency of membrane protein research. We look forward to the groundbreaking discoveries that will result from this partnership."

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Partnership will accelerate medicinal chemistry analysis and membrane protein research.

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