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Cryo-EM Incites a “Resolution Revolution,” Rousing Drug Discovery

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Kathy Vuksanaj, GEN

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Flow chart of cryo-EM sample preparation data collection, and cryo-EM imaging from NanoImaging Services

Giovanna Scapin, CSO, talks to Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), about the cryo-EM "resolution revolution", and explains why cryo-EM is the right analytical and visualization technique to streamline drug discovery & formulation. Rather than rely solely on X-Ray Crystallography to solve your protein, cryo-EM can assist in visualizing large or flexible proteins, or help solve proteins that will not crystallize.

Gain 2D classification and 3D structure reconstructions of your proteins with up to 3 Å resolution with data collection from NanoImaging Services.

Read the GEN article here.

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