Virtual Seminar Series

A series of interactive discussion groups with leading scientists on 

cryoEM in Drug Discovery 


We are building on over a decade of experience to establish the largest industrial cryoEM facility in the world. With flexible workflows designed to support the needs of Pharma and Biotech clients, our infrastructure and expertise provide affordable, reliable and rapid solutions to support discovery and development.  

Our ongoing series of interactive sessions provide valuable insights about getting started in cryoEM and its broad applications. 

Upcoming Events

We've just concluded our first online event series celebrating the expansion of NIS both in San Diego and the Greater Boston Area. We'll be announcing a new series for Fall 2020 with external guest and other commercial partners that will create regular discussion groups addressing key considerations of cryoEM for Industrial researchers.  Check back soon or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Past Events

image of Krios

Grand Opening: NIS Krios Farm

July 30, 2020: NIS Krios Farm Grand Opening

2pm PDT - 5pm EDT - 10pm BDT

The Horizon: Future Developments in CryoEM

 Bridget Carragher, Chief Technology Officer

With panelists: Giovanna Scapin & Anette Schneemann

and introductory remarks by Clint Potter

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picture of Bridget Carragher
NIS-East image

NIS-East Grand Opening

June 25, 2020: Virtual Grand Opening of NIS-East

11am PDT - 2pm EDT - 7 pm BDT

Getting started with CryoEM: Perspectives of an Industrial Crystallographer

Giovanna Scapin, Chief Scientist

With panelists: Bridget Carragher & Anette Schneemann

and introductory remarks by Ben Schenker

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picture of Giovanna Scapin
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Virtual Discussion Group

July 16, 2020 Eastern: A Virtual Discussion Group Event

11am PDT - 2pm EDT - 7 pm BDT

Electron microscopy in Virus Structural Biology and Vaccine Development

Anette Schneemann, Chief Scientific Officer

With panelists: Bridget Carragher & Jeff Speir

and introductory remarks by Ben Schenker

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Bonus Presentation

Produced August 11, 2020

A CryoEM and MicroED Pipeline for the Pharma and Biotech Industry

Anette Schneemann, CSO, reviews the cryoEM and microED pipeline available at NIS for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

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Tailored seminars and discussion groups are also available for individual companies. 
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