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June 2020

July 2020

Conferences & Workshops

Virtual Launch Seminar Series

Fall 2020

Please visit our Virtual Discussion Series for more information and to register.

NIS-EAST  and Krios Farm Open Houses, 4 Gill Street, Woburn, MA and Sorrento Valley, CA: We’re opening our doors for tours, demos, and conversations in a series of open houses. Registration to follow but feel free to contact us for more information on this big step in our expansion or to schedule a private visit.

Fall 2020

September 2020

NESBABoston, MA: We’re co-organizing a new conference series aimed at Industrial Researchers looking to get started in CryoEM. This first session will host experts in sample QC and preparation – the good, the bad and triage strategies in an interactive and dynamic setting.

CryoEM in Drug Discovery Series, EMEA Edition, Cambridge, UK: NIS will be exhibiting at this event. Look for our Chief Commercial Office, Ben Schenker, to learn more about our new facilities and access modes.

Winter 2020

8th NovAliX Conference: NIS will be exhibiting at this popular industry event on biophysics in Drug Discovery. This year’s meeting will include a full day session by TFS on CryoEM in Drug Discovery – Accelerating Drug Design of Challenging Targets.

March 2021

Vaccine Technology 8, Sitges, Spain: This is the leading conference focused on the discovery, development and manufacture of vaccines. Meet with our CSO, Dr. Anette Schneemann, to learn more about our longstanding support of vaccine design and development.

Summer 2021

COMPAANew York: Held every 2 years, the Center on Membrane Protein Production and Analysis brings together thought leaders from academia and industry in focused sessions on methodology, technology and target enablement. This year’s themes will explore leading methods in structural characterization of integral membrane proteins.

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