[Free webinar] How modern cryoEM-based approaches are getting better, faster and cheaper

Cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM) has evolved rapidly since its inception in the mid-1980s and is set to overtake X-ray crystallography as the dominant technique for protein structure determination.

Recent advances in the approach and the onset of the ‘resolution revolution’ have led to it taking a central role in several high-profile clinical studies – including the full characterisation of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in just three weeks.

With cryoEM taking a more prominent position in the global research community, what challenges are still being faced everyday by those that are looking to adopt the technique?

NanoImaging Services Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Bridget Carragher, explores in this webinar the latest cryoEM approaches currently in use and discusses how modern technology is helping us to overcome some of the challenges still holding us back, including:

·    How to mitigate the background noise often observed in cryoEM outputs

·    How to overcome motion blur and generate a high-resolution image 

·   How to avoid grid- and sample-prep challenges including protein     denaturation and sub-optimal orientation. 

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About the Host
Bridget Carragher has been involved in the development of streamlined and automated methods for EM for almost her whole career.  Having worked in a variety of positions, both in industry and academia, she has focused on improving both the quality of EM data as well as the accessibility of the techniques to the wider biological community.   In 2007 Bridget co-founded NanoImaging Services, Inc., whose goal is to provide cryoEM and other microscopy services to the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.
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