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NanoImaging Services specializes in providing Molecular Microscopy services designed to meet the evolving imaging, analysis, and documentation requirements of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nanotechnology industries.

Molecular Microscopy is a high throughput non-invasive molecular imaging technology that utilizes advanced specimen preparation and imaging methods designed specifically to visualize complex biological samples in their native hydrated state. Molecular Microscopy combines automated data collection, robotic instrumentation and a relational database into a reproducible innovative method to prepare, image, and analyze samples in throughputs capable of addressing biopharmaceutical characterization requirements in a statistically significant manner. 
Samples are preserved in solution by vitrification (CryoTEM) or by negative stain, and then imaged using a transmission electron microscope (TEM) controlled by automated software developed by the NanoImaging Services, Inc. founders, enabling the examination of a significant portion of the specimen. The data is analyzed, tracking all aspects of sample preparation, imaging, and analysis and then stored in a secure database. This provides our clients with a consistent and tightly controlled system for biological imaging.
We are unique in our ability to deliver the most advanced capabilities in a reliable, fee-for-service, commercial model that leverages our technical expertise with emphasis on, tightly-controlled operational procedures, on-time performance and a consultative relationship with our customers.


Human Papilloma Virus VLP Size Characterization

Standard nanoparticle sizing methods such as dynamic light scattering (DLS) can be plagued by biases introduced by contaminants.  Direct visualization of Human Papilloma Virus VLPs in solution by Molecular Microscopy (CryoTEM) allows exact determination of particle size, shape, and count

View our Latest Case Study on:
Gardasil®, A Well Characterized Vaccine

Read about how Molecular Microscopy allows for the direct visualization and analytical characterization (size, shape and lamellarity) of native fully hydrated human papilloma virus VLPs at the same time.
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