Upcoming Events

Our growing team is spending more and more time out in the field. Why? It’s an exciting time in Structural Biology and it’s of utmost importance to us that we stay at the forefront of new technology, develop service offerings and build relationships with our clients and collaborators.

You can find us at the following events – but always feel free to reach out at any time to speak with our scientific and commercial teams. Have ideas for new offerings or new access modes? Send us a quick message at info@nanoimagingservices.com.

  • SLAS 2020, San Diego, January 27-30: The premier event for automation in drug discovery and development. NIS has a long and successful history of innovation and technology development for cryoEM instrumentation and analysis. Email us at info@nanoimagingservices.com or use the SLAS app to connect with our commercial team in the exhibit hall to discuss how we can partner together to push your research forward because #structurematters.
  • WCBP 2020, Washington DC, January 28-30: Join us on January 30th at 12:45pm for our Technical Lunch Seminar highlighting “Emerging applications of electron microscopy in drug discovery and development.” Lunch is provided for the first 100 attendees.
  • BPS 2020, San Diego, February 15-20: Join us for SubGroup Saturday (hint: one of our founders just might be speaking on Saturday evening and shouldn’t be missed) and in the exhibition hall as we keep on top of new developments in Biophysics!
  • COMPAA, New York, July 30-August 1: Held every 2 years, the Center on Membrane Protein Production and Analysis brings together thought leaders from academia and industry in focused sessions on methodology, technology and target enablement. This year’s themes will explore leading methods in structural characterization of integral membrane proteins.
  • ACA 2020, San Diego, August 2-7: Attend our talks in the small molecule microED session with Principal Scientist Jessica Bruhn and the CryoEM in Drug Discovery Session with our CSO Anette Schneemann. Visit our booth to learn about NIS, our instruments, expertise, services, and growth plans… we may also have some very fun swag worth scooping up!

Be sure to follow along with our updates and travels on social media. You can follow us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/nanoimaging-services/