Small Molecule MicroED Services Now Available!

NIS is excited to now offer a robust sample-to-structure workflow for microcrystal electron diffraction (MicroED) of small molecules (<1000Da). MicroED is a structure determination method that generates diffraction images from crystalline material using an electron microscope, typically operating at cryogenic temperatures. This method has gained widespread interest for its ability to enable rapid determination of atomic-level structures from crystals too small for traditional X-ray crystallography experiments.

Our recent development efforts have afforded the following highlights:

  • We have successfully determined crystal structures of 10 small molecules, including 7 client samples.
  • Our refinement statistics consistently meet or surpass those in the literature for small molecules analyzed by microED.
  • We are pushing the boundaries of direct methods phasing – all of our client samples have ranged between 400Da and 970Da.
  • All data is collected and processed on in-house infrastructure at our San Diego headquarters, ensuring maximum process control and confidentiality for all of our client projects.

Flexible 2-Phase service offering

Our small molecule microED services have been designed in a modular way to ensure maximum flexibility for clients to leverage internal expertise in conjunction with NIS’ capabilities. Phase I efforts will include sample preparation, data acquisition for multiple crystals, data processing, initial phasing and preliminary refinement. Structures that fail initial phasing attempts will enter our brute force phasing pipeline (Phase IB). Additional refinement packages are available as Phase II add-ons for clients needing additional support to finalize structures for publication or regulatory filings.

Contact us for more information on our successes, services and data collection schedule via the tab at the top of our page or email