Our Imaging & Analysis Services

3D Protein Structure Determination by CryoEM

Use of single particle reconstruction methods to determine protein structures to high resolution.

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Epitope Mapping

Identification of antibody binding sites on antigens based on 3D structure determination of the complex.

2D Particle Alignment and Classification

A method based on particle averaging to enhance signal to noise ratio and provide more details on particle shape, size, domain structure, flexibility and other features.
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Particle Size Distribution

A study to determine the range of sizes in a particle population.
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Morphological Analysis

A study to determine particle morphology, appearance, approximate size, dispersion, homogeneity/heterogeneity, etc.
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Titer Determination

A study used to estimate the titer, or concentration, of particles in solution, using negative stain TEM.
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Fraction Counting Analysis

A study to determine the fraction of particles displaying certain characteristics, e.g. full vs. empty virus particles.
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Tomographic Analysis

A 3D volume determination of particles in a sample, reconstructed from a series of 2D projection images.
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Sub-Micron Aggregation Analysis

A study to provide direct visual information on size, shape and aggregation extent of particles in a sample using negative stain or cryoEM.