Expanding Single Particle Service Offerings

Your cryoEM partner for drug discovery and development.

NIS is the global leader in providing comprehensive cryo electron microscopy (cryoEM) services to support drug discovery and development. Unique NIS service offerings and training-centered partnerships broaden access to both infrastructure and expertise, delivering high resolution protein structures and advanced characterization of nanoparticles to meet the evolving imaging, analysis and documentation requirements of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nanotechnology industries.

NIS’ growing fleet of in-house electron microscopes includes the Titan Krios, Glacios and Tecnai T12 instruments.

In the first 2 years of operation, Krios1 has returned SPA data sets for over 150 Pharma and Biotech projects:

  • 70% of in-house reconstructions have achieved 3.5A or better
  • 50% of projects have been for a diverse set of integral membrane proteins
  • 50% of in-house reconstructions have presented clear density for bound ligands

New for 2020!

  • Expanded operations at our San Diego headquarters with will almost double our local footprint and allow for the much-anticipated installation of our second Titan Krios microscope equipped with the Gatan K3 camera.
  • A new facility located in Woburn, MA, will be operational Spring 2020. This location will initially house sample preparation equipment and an additional Glacios microscope to support target enablement and the most challenging of protein targets.

Working with us… flexibility and affordability

NIS offers a variety of access modes to meet the diverse needs of the Industrial structural biology community. Whether you are just starting your exploration of the potential of cryoEM or looking to supplement an established workflow with external resource, NIS has tailored programs at all levels.

Contact us today at the tab above or email us at info@nanoimagingservices.com to speak with our experts on using cryoEM to support your drug discovery efforts!