Specimen Preparation

At NanoImaging Services we have many decades of experience in transmission electron microscopy  sample preparation to draw from to find the most suitable conditions for preservation of your sample.

Samples are prepared using either negative stain or vitrification. In negative stain preparation, we select one of many different heavy metal reagents to optimize visualizing the structural features of your particular sample (lipid, protein, nucleic acid) in its own native buffer conditions (salt, pH, surfactant).  For vitrification, we preserve your sample in its native hydrated state using cryo plunge freezing methods.

NanoImaging Services makes every effort possible to obtain optimal images of your sample, even if it requires multiple rounds of sample preparation and imaging.


Automated Data Acquisition

Specimens are imaged using automated software that tracks all metadata and imaging conditions in a secure database.


Tightly controlled and standard operating procedures

Data is analyzed and stored in a secure database that tracks samples from the moment of arrival at NanoImaging Services, Inc. through every stage of preparation, imaging, and analysis to provide our customers with a tightly controlled system for biological imaging. Read more about data tracking and delivery.


Transmission Electron Microscopy

NanoImaging Services has two Transmission Electron Microscopes:

Titan Krios

An FEI Titan Krios (300KeV, Bioquantum Energy Filter, K2 direct electron detector, Volta phase plates) that is suitable for both single particle cryoEM to the highest resolution possible as well as tomography of thick specimens.


A TFS Glacios (200 keV, XFEG optics, Falcon 3 direct electron detector) that can be used for single particle reconstruction or pre-screening of sample quality prior to data acquisition on our Krios Cyro-TEM. The Glacios has a cryogenic autoloader that uses the same cassette system as the Titan Krios, thus allowing seamless transfer of grids between the Glacios and the Krios without concern of ice contamination or damage to the grids.

Tecnai T12

An FEI Tecnai T12 (120KeV, Eagle CCD camera) is used for routine imaging of samples prepared in negative stain or vitreous ice. It is also used for screening of samples prior to high end data acquisition on the Krios/K2.