Data Tracking And Delivery

Data is analyzed and stored in a secure database that tracks samples from the moment of arrival at NanoImaging Services, Inc. through every stage of preparation, imaging, and analysis.  All images and associated metadata are stored and tracked using this database allowing for long term secure retention of data. The images and data are made available to the customer on our secure web portal. The web based image portal facilitates communication and collaboration between groups working on the same project from various localities.


A written final report of the study summarizes the imaging and analysis efforts. Representative images are provided as attachments to support key observations and conclusions. The report and entire set of all image files and analysis data produced in the study are available for viewing online using our secure web portal or can be transferred to the client via the portal or on a USB drive. The report  includes documentation of sample receipt and handling and details on any analysis or reconstruction.

Follow up

Each study is followed by a teleconference call during which we discuss the study’s major findings and give tips on getting the most out of your data. This call is attended by the scientists responsible for conducting your particular study to ensure that any questions you might have are properly answered.