Employment Opportunities at NIS

NanoImaging Services, Inc. (NIS) is an industry leader in providing structural analysis and characterization of biopharmaceuticals using transmission electron microscopy (negative stain TEM and cryoTEM) and advanced image processing.  We have recently added a Titan Krios electron microscope to our new, custom-built facility located in San Diego, and are seeking highly motivated scientists to join our talented team.  Information and requirements for open positions are shown below.

Electron Microscopy Scientist 
A successful candidate will be responsible for preparing samples for imaging in a transmission electron microscope, collect data using a highly automated data acquisition pipeline, participate in image analysis and processing, and collaborate closely with other team members. The requirements for this position are a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biophysics or a related area in life sciences.  Candidates should have an interest in imaging and structural characterization of biological nanoparticles.

CryoTEM Scientist Position
A successful candidate must have a Ph.D. degree, or equivalent knowledge, and hands-on experience in cryoTEM sample preparation, cryoTEM data collection and image processing. Relevant post-doctoral or industry experience, proven ability to collect data on FEI Tecnai and Titan Krios microscopes, a published record of scientific accomplishments, experience with Leginon & Appion software, and technical expertise in high-resolution structure determination by cryo-EM single particle analysis would all be considered a plus.

Are you interested, or do you know anyone who would be perfect for the job? If so, please contact us at [email protected]