Data Tracking and Delivery

Images and associated data are stored and tracked using a relational database. The images and data are immediately available to the customer on our secure internet portal. The details of every sample and each image are tracked by the database and are available for long-term comparisons or verifications. The web based image portal facilitates communication and collaboration between groups working on the same project from various localities.

Deliverables: A written final report of the study summarizes the imaging and analysis efforts. Representative images are provided as attachments to support key observations and conclusions. The entire set of all image files and analysis data produced in the study will be delivered on a USB drive and will also be available via secure website access for one month after completion of the project. The report will include documentation of sample receipt and handling. 

A Personal Touch: Each study is followed by a teleconference call during which we discuss the study's major findings and give tips on getting the most out of your data.  This call is attended by the scientists responsible for conducting your particular study to ensure that any questions you might have are properly answered.  In the event that busy schedules do not permit a teleconference call, the scientist contact information included on each report cover page allows rapid access to information about your study.
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