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The NanoImaging Service Story
In 2007, a small team of pioneering individuals launched NanoImaging Services with the vision of building a focused company known and respected for providing superior nanoparticle imaging services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nanotechnology communities.

Clint Potter, CEO
Bridget Carragher, CSO
Robert Curtin, CFO

NanoImaging Services has received financial support from Merck & Co. and FEI Co.

Founders of NanoImaging Services

Clint Potter, CEO   Bridget Carragher, CSO

Scientific founders of NanoImaging Services have a legacy of innovation and achievement in developing new technologies and automated methods for transmission electron microscopy and analysis.

These advanced techniques form the technical backbone of the services provided at NanoImaging Services.

They were the first to develop new advances in specimen preparation, microscope control, automation, and data tracking which have simplified and accelerated pharmaceutical nanoparticle characterization. It is exactly this depth and breadth of experience and unique insight that has enabled NanoImaging Services to build a portfolio of outstanding nanoparticle characterization services.

The staff at NanoImaging Services also has over 100 years of combined experience in imaging and characterizing an extraordinarily wide range of samples, including proteins, viruses, biological vaccines, lipid vesicles, and cell free lysates.

Technical Expertise
NanoImaging Services' technical expertise is grounded in a long and successful history of innovation in developing new technologies and automated methods for transmission electron microscopy and analysis. NanoImaging Services founders are also responsible for directing the Automated Molecular Imaging (AMI) research group at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI). Their experience, insight and unwavering commitment to perfecting biological imaging tools and methods is reflected in NanoImaging Services' portfolio of advanced techniques which exhibit unparalleled performance characteristics.

Rapid Reliable Information
NanoImaging Services understands when rapid turnaround and information access is important and they respond accordingly. They are "aligned" with the needs of process development and formulation end-users and keep them constantly in mind. They define the standard for reliable, accurate and accessible image analysis. NanoImaging Services is dedicated to meeting timelines and is rigorous about delivering annotated results and a final summary report for every specimen, and not just a stack of micrographs. This attention ensures it's services are reliable and thorough every step along the way.

Customer Dedication
NanoImaging Services makes it a priority to offer exceptional service to its customers. While many companies make this claim, few truly deliver to the promise -- NanoImaging Services does. Yet exceptional service in today's market is still no guarantee of customer loyalty. NanoImaging Services earns outstanding customer loyalty levels through exceptional services, unrivaled responsiveness, and an unerring commitment to anticipating customers' nanoparticle imaging and characterization needs.

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"We deliver accuracy in images and reports in a timely manner to make your job easier and give your company the edge in developing products."
Clint Potter, CEO

"Analytical characterization is critical to the biopharmaceutical industry, and we are now able to offer a new and unique method as a tightly controlled service on a straightforward, commercial basis." Bridget Carragher, CSO
Our Story
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